What is Jupyter WebBook

Jupyter WebBook is a framework that allows you to write web book using Jupyter Notebook. It's inpired from bookdown, which itself got inspired by gitbook.

With Jupyter WebBook, you write each chapter individually as a jupyter notebook, and it helps you compile them into a beautiful looking web book such as the one you're currently browsing. Everything happens on the client side, so that it will takes seconds to deploy as gh-pages, on your own server, or in your dropbox.


Because each individual chapter is a Jupyter Notebook, you can use all the Jupyter Notebook functionalities as part of your book. For example:

  • Write and format your text with markdown
  • Add medias such as images, videos or web maps
  • Write and execute python code, automagically generating the output
  • Use kernels of your choice and execute code in various programming languages

See the next chapter for more examples.